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Wylie Summer Camps for Kids!

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Army Games & Dodgeball! (ages 6-12)

This exciting camp utilizes many different versions of dodgeball and capture the flag to teach your child discipline, confidence, teamwork, and other crucial life skills, so they can excel in all areas of life! Games include everything from “Mario Dodgeball” and “Zelda Dodgeball” to “Special Ops” and “Battlefield Saturn” capture the flag!  Games are age appropriate and played with dodgeballs made of a soft and safe foam material.  $99


  • June 6th– June 9th 9a-12p (6457)

Young Filmmakers! (ages 6-12)

Children will have a ton of fun while working together to develop a story line and script, then shoot, and act in their own short movie or commercial while witnessing first-hand the importance of being comfortable speaking in front of a group, time management, responsibility, leadership, and other important skills! Sign up today so your child can learn the tools to succeed and express their creative side! $99

  • June 6th – June 9th 1p-4p (6458)

Drill Team & Hip Hop Dance! (ages 6-12)

The moves are broken down into easy-to-follow steps so all ages learn and improve. Camp time also addresses the importance of a positive attitude, exercise, nutrition and having a strong work ethic. $99

  • June 20th– June 23rd 9a-12p (6459)

Basketball Skills & Games! (ages 6-12)

Your child will improve their shooting technique, dribbling skills, ball handling skills, passing skills, and their understanding of offensive and defensive movement while playing one-on-one and team games! Basic and advanced skills are broken down step by step so all ages can thoroughly understand and improve their technique. In addition, this unique camp teaches health principles and the first 5 lessons of the SSA Core Life Skills Curriculum: “Anything is Possible,” “Dream Life” “The Vehicle,” “Pay the Price,” and “Be a Pro.” $99

  • June 13th – June 16th 9a-12p (6450)
  • Aug 8th – Aug 11th 9a-12p (6452)

Go Go Gadget! (ages 6-12)

In this hands-on camp children discover the ins and outs of various gadgets before designing and building small rocket launchers, hover crafts, magnetic driven cars and other cool gadgets. Creativity, critical thinking and FUN are all a part of an exciting day in Go Go Gadgets! Signup today! $99

  • June 20th – June 23rd 1p-4p (6462)

Flag Football & QB Skills! (ages 6-12)

This camp utilizes flag football to teach players standard football rules, throwing technique, drop-steps, field vision, formations, and other skills while participating in team competitions and games! Camp time will also focus on leadership, inner-confidence, attitude, speed, power, explosiveness, nutrition, exercise, and hard work. This camp is safe, educational, and FUN! $99

  • June 27th – June 30th 9a-12p (6454)
  • Aug 15th – Aug 18th 9a-12p (6455)

Crazy Science! (ages 6-12)

This exciting camp teaches children to observe, plan, overcome obstacles, and develop hypotheses while participating in hands-on science experiments and activities! Newton’s Laws of Motion, Archimedes’ Principle, genetics, forensics, and examining environmental issues and their impact are all a part of a crazy day in Crazy Science! $99

  • June 27th – June 30th 1p-4p (6464)

Total Sports & MVP Challenge! (ages 6-12)

This exciting camp utilizes the “MVP Workout Challenge,” “Zeus’s Obstacle Course,” “Steal the Bacon,” and soccer and basketball development games to cross-train children of all skill levels.  Program time focuses on hand-eye coordination, speed and agility, endurance, proper nutrition, proper exercise and overall motor skills development to help your child become a complete athlete. Join the fun today! $99

  • July 11th – July 14th 9a-12p (6465)

Classic Sports & Dodgeball FUN! (ages 6-12)

This exciting camp utilizes dodgeball, soccer, and basketball  to cross-train children of all skill levels while teaching them how to succeed on and off the field! Games include everything from “Star Wars” and “Dungeon” dodgeball to “Ultimate Basketball” and “Around the World Soccer!” Program time focuses on fun, self-awareness, self-motivation, work ethic, agility, hand-eye coordination, proper nutrition, and proper exercise. Dodgeballs are made of a soft and safe foam material. $99

  • July 18th – July 21st 9a-12p (6467)

Volleyball Fanatic! (ages 6-12)

This fun camp introduces players to the rules and fundamentals of volleyball while playing exciting team games! Games include everything from “Meteorite Ball” and “Mellon Ball” to “Top Notch” and “Under the Net!” Camp time also focuses on attacking the ball, setting, passing, defense, serving, blocking, self-motivation, discipline, goal setting, nutrition, exercise, and FUN! Get ready for volleyball season now! $99

  • July 25th – July 28th 9a-12p (6468)

Rookies Performance Skills & Games! (ages 4-7)

This exciting camp utilizes soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and other sports to cross-train your child and help them discover their favorite sports while playing creative games! Camp time addresses the rules of each sport, sports technique, speed and proper footwork, hand-eye coordination, nutrition, exercise, and goal setting! Rookies Performance Skills & Games is a great fit for children ages 4-7. $99

  • Aug 1st – Aug 4th 9a-12p (6469)

Dodgeball & Agility Games! (ages 6-12)

This exhilarating camp takes fun and hard work to another level! Your child will work on agility, explosiveness, lateral movements, and speed all while playing “Special Ops” dodgeball, “Outerspace Speed,” “Steal the Bacon,” and over 7 other different types of dodgeball and speed games! In addition, this unique camp teaches health principles and the 10 lessons of the SSA Core Life Skills Curriculum: “Anything is Possible,” “Dream Life,” “Find Your Fire,” “Be a Pro,” “Jump” and more. Sign up today! $99

  • Aug 1st – Aug 4th 1p-4p (6470)

Friday FUNshops!

Engineering Fun!:  Join us as we design and build unique structures using PVC pipe! Children are divided into groups where they work as a team to design and build their own structures while learning to stay in budget. Camp ends with each group presenting and trying to sell their structure through a funny presentation! Signup today! $18

  • June 17th 9a-12p (6505)

Jurassic Park Origami

In this exciting camp, origami takes your child’s imagination to “Jurassic Park!” Each activity uses critical thinking, memorization and listening skills to create their favorite dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Signup today and go back in time! $18

  • June 24th 9a-12p (6506)

Science & Fossils:

Come prepared to explore nature’s fingerprints all around you!  Children learn about track identification, animal dwellings and fossils before creating their very own fossils with casts and molds. Signup today! $18

  • July 1st 9a-12p (6507)

Math Mania and ART

Discover the fun in math through art! Students will learn to use a math compass, protractor and other tools by making simple art designs and later progressing to three dimensional geometric designs.  All designs are modified to encourage fun for both the beginner and advanced. Signup today! $18

  • July 15th 9a-12p (6508)

MVP Performance Skills

This exciting skill building camp is geared toward improving your child’s motor skills, agility, strength and overall sports skills through different basketball, soccer, dodgeball and agility games!  In addition, this unique camp teaches health principles and the 10 lessons of the SSA Core Life Skills Curriculum: “Anything is Possible,” “Dream Life,” “Find Your Fire,” “Be a Pro,” “Jump” and more. Join us every Friday and take your game to the next level! $18

  • July 22nd 9a-12p (6509)

Acting In The Wild West

This class will introduce kids to acting as they put on a short play themed in the Wild Wild West! Students will learn to read scripts, the vocabulary of the stage, how to project their voice, face the audience and basic improvisation. Children are encouraged to bring their own props (cowboy hats, boots, etc).  Signup today, partner! $18

  • July 29th 9a-12p (6510)


Dominoe Run:  Enjoy this “anything goes” workshop that challenges children to use dominoes, blocks, cards and other exciting tools to build three dimensional design and dominoe runs! Team work, creativity and simple math will assist in pushing the limits of architecture. Signup today! $18

  • Aug 5th 9a-12p (6511)



This exciting workshop is sure to “PEAK” your interest as children use paper mache to design an exploding volcano!   This engaging activity teaches students the types, materials, locations, and explosive forces associated with volcanoes.  Signup today! $18

  • Aug 12th 9a-12p (6512)

Total Cheerleading! (ages 6-12)

This exciting camp teaches the essential skills to lead the crowd and support the home team all while practicing cheer safety! Each camper learns cheers, proper hand movements, body movements, and jumping techniques while having a ton of fun! In addition, this unique camp teaches health principles and the 10 lessons of the SSA Core Life Skills Curriculum: “Anything is Possible,” “Dream Life,” “Find Your Fire,” “Be a Pro,” “Jump” and more. Sign up today! $99

  • July 11th – July 14th 9a-12p (6466)

Wacky World of Engineering (Aero Course):

In this unique camp children learn the basics of airplanes and aerodynamics before designing different types of paper airplanes for fun competitions! Do you have what it takes to soar higher, fly longer, and fly further than your friends? Signup today! $18

  • Aug 19th 9a-12p (6513)

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