Question 1:

    At what time will you receive the Morning Message?


    Question 2:

    Do you need to confirm that you received the Morning Message each day?


    Question 3:

    What is discussed in the 3-5 minute Afternoon Phone Call?

    From start to finish, each drill and game you will be running that day.Any problems you may be having in the camp.Possible ways to improve the camp or further help the children.All the above.

    Question 4:

    To avoid losing your badge, where is a good place to store your badge each day?

    In your dirty clothes hamper.In your car hanging from your rearview mirror or in your center console.In your friend's car.

    Question 5:

    At what time are you to be standing in the school's front office checking in for camp?

    1-minute before camp is set to begin.7-minutes before camp is set to begin.15-minutes before camp is set to begin.

    Question 6:

    Where do you meet the kids for camp each day?

    Parking lotGym entranceSoccer fieldDepending on the school, sometimes the front office will direct you somewhere other than the gym entrance.Both B and D

    Question 7:

    When the children arrive for camp, they are to first check-in with the instructor and then quietly have a seat until further instruction. After all the children have arrived and before going to the official camp location (outside or gym), the children need to use the restroom and fill-up their water bottles. *After going outside it's not possible to get back into the school because the doors lock.


    Question 8:

    When a child hasn't shown for camp you should:

    Step 1. Check with the extended day program (ESD / AlphaBest) in the cafeteria.
    Step 2. Ask the front office if the child was at school that day.
    Step 3. Call the parent and ask if they picked up their child as their child hasn't shown for camp (leave a voicemail and send a text to the parent if they don't answer).
    Step 4. After being thorough, inform your manager so they can assist with the search.

    Question 9:

    What is the correct flow of camp?

    I don’t need a plan and I’ll just figure it out once all the kids start getting rowdy and asking me what to do next.Big game > water break > more games > hopefully the kids learn something and parents are happyTake roll > warm-ups > 1st drill then turn it into a game > 2nd drill then turn it into a game > finish with a big game (not a scrimmage unless a small group) > dismissal

    Explanation: c) This is the correct flow of camp. Note that we do not run a scrimmage (for example: regular basketball game) in camps unless you have 12 or less kids in total. The reason being is any scrimmage where the teams are more than 6 vs 6 will quickly get out of hand and the kids simply do not learn anything.
    The other option would be to have rotations in the scrimmage but this leaves one team always waiting to play in the game and parents are never pleased with this. "I didn't pay for a 1-hour camp to only have my child sitting on the sideline for 15-minutes."

    Question 10:

    What is the correct dismissal process?

    I let the kids go their own separate way after my end of camp review. They’re old enough to figure it out.Whatever parent I see first can get their child. Parents won’t say anything to me if dismissal is unorganized and kids are running all over the place.Put the kids into a single file line and walk the entire group to the cafeteria to dropoff ESD / Alphabest. Then, walk the remaining car riders and walkers to the front of the school for dismissal. Walkers are dismissed after majority of the car riders are gone.

    Question 11:

    At what time should you start ending camp, picking up equipment and reviewing the days lessons?

    6-minutes before camps official end time.30-minutes before camps official end time.

    Explanation: 6-minutes before camps official end time is correct. For example, if camp ends at 4:00pm you should begin pickup at 3:54pm so you can quickly cleanup and get the children to the front of the school at 4pm.
    Parents don't want you to be late, but they also don't want you to be early.