Summer registration is closed. Please check back in March for an updated summer schedule.

Below you will find our complete list of 2019 summer camps held at Wylie Recreation Center. Summer registration is done through the Wylie website. To visit Wylie’s website, simply click “Sign Up Now.”

Total Sports & MVP Challenge –  This exciting camp utilizes the “MVP Workout Challenge,” “Zeus’s Obstacle Course,” soccer, dodgeball, and other classic games to cross-train children of all skill levels while teaching them the rules and fundamentals of their favorite sports and exercises! Program time also focuses on FUN, self-awareness, hand-eye coordination, endurance, proper nutrition, rules of the sports, and proper exercise. This is the perfect all around camp to develop sports skills and fitness while having fun!

May 28-30 9am-12pm Course #9528 Total Sports $75

Kid News-Channel FUN –  In this kid favorite children are introduced to broadcast journalism before putting on their very own broadcast. Camp time also addresses the importance of working together, time management and responsibility. Sign up today and get ready to see your child report the weather, sports and more!

May 28-30 1pm-4pm Course #9529 Kids News Channel $75

Volleyball Fanatic –  This fun camp introduces players to the rules and fundamentals of volleyball while playing exciting team games! Games include everything from “Meteorite Ball” and “Mellon Ball,” to “Top Notch” and “Under the Net!” Camp time also focuses on attacking the ball, setting, passing, defense, serving, blocking, self-motivation, discipline and FUN!

June 3-6 9am-12pm Course #9488 Volleyball Fanatic $99

Young Filmmakers – Filmmakers is a highly creative camp where children work together to develop a storyline and script, then shoot and act in their own short movie or commercial. Through this camp children not only learn about film production, but the significance of time management, responsibility and leadership while witnessing first-hand the importance of being able to communicate and speak confidently in front of a group. Sign up today so your child can learn the tools to succeed and express their creative side!
Note: Although children are introduced to the equipment and editing in this camp, this is not the emphasis of this camp.

June 3-6 1pm-4pm Course #9489 Young Filmmakers $109

Basketball Skills & Games! –  Your child will improve their shooting technique, dribbling skills, ball handling skills, passing skills, and their understanding of offensive and defensive movement while playing one-on-one and team games! Basic and advanced skills are broken down step by step so all ages can thoroughly understand and improve their technique.

June 17-20 9am-12pm Course #9490 Basketball Skills $99

Dodgeball & Agility Games –  This exhilarating camp takes fun and hard work to another level! Your child will work on agility, explosiveness, lateral movements, and speed all while playing over 10 different types of dodgeball and speed games. Dodgeballs are made of a soft and safe foam material.

June 24-27 9am-12pm Course #9491 Dodgeball Agility & Games $99

Rookies Performance Skills & Games! – This exciting camp utilizes soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and other sports to cross-train your child and help them discover their favorite sports while playing creative games! Camp time addresses the rules of each sport, sports technique, speed and proper footwork, hand-eye coordination, nutrition, exercise, and goal setting. Rookies Performance Skills & Games is a great fit for children ages 4-7.

June 24-27 1pm-2:30pm Course #9492 Rookies Performance $59

Soccer Adventures! – Players will have a blast while learning proper soccer techniques through exercises and games designed for all skill levels. Camp addresses everything from passing and shooting, to the rules and flow of the game. The emphasis is always on fun and learning skills to help children succeed on and off the field. Sign Up today!
Note: This camp is for boys and girls.

July 1,2,3 9am-12pm Course #9493 Soccer Adventures $75

Baseball Fundamentals – Players will take part in an exciting beginner to intermediate workout and learn the fundamentals to succeed both on and off the baseball diamond! Program time will focus on speed, pitching, hitting, defense/fielding and building character!
Note: Children do need to bring a glove.

July 22-25 9am-12pm Course #9494 Baseball Fundamentals $99

Rookies Soccer – Players will have a blast while learning proper soccer techniques through exercises and games designed for beginners. Players are encouraged to learn and develop at their own pace under the careful guidance of the SSA soccer coaches. The emphasis is always on fun and learning crucial skills to succeed on and off the field! This camp is great for both boys and girls ages 4-7.

July 22-25 1pm-2:30pm Course #9495 Rookies Soccer $59

Army Games & Dodgeball! – This exciting camp utilizes many different versions of dodgeball and capture the flag to teach children discipline, confidence, teamwork, and other crucial life skills so they can excel in all areas of life. Games include everything from “Mario Dodgeball” and “Pacman Dodgeball,” to “Special Ops” and “Battlefield Saturn” capture the flag! Games are age appropriate and played with dodgeballs made of a soft and safe foam material.

Aug 5-8 9am-12pm Course #9496 Army Games & Dodgeball $99

Flag Football & QB Skills! – This camp utilizes flag football to teach players standard football rules, throwing technique, drop-steps, field vision, formations, and other skills while participating in team competitions and games! Camp time will also focus on leadership, inner-confidence, attitude, speed, power, explosiveness, nutrition, exercise, and hard work. This camp is safe, educational, and FUN!

Aug 12-14 9am-12pm Course #9497 Flag Football & QB Skills $75


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