Below are the details for SSA summer camps being held at Wylie Recreation Center. Registration is done through Wylie’s website so simply click the “Sign Up Now” button and enter the course code or camp title on Wylie’s website to begin registration. If you have any questions about registration you can contact Wylie Recreation at 972-516-6340. For questions about the camps themselves please contact us at 214-495-1234

Location: Wylie Recreation Center- 300 Country Club Rd Building #200, Wylie, TX 75098

Sports Performance & Games! – Your child will engage in skill building games that develop the athlete both physically and mentally. Program time focuses on hand-eye coordination, core strengthening, footwork, fitness, nutrition 101, self-discipline, self-motivation and having fun! Games include everything from “Around the World Basketball” and “Pele Soccer,” to “Outerspace Speed” and a “Steal the Bacon” tournament! Sign up today!

Course #13085 May 31 – June 2 Wylie 9am-12pm $85

The Game of Money! – This one-of-a-kind program utilizes exiting hands-on activities and real world scenarios to teach children a pragmatic approach for building financial freedom. Designed by entrepreneurs, angel investors and new-age financial strategists, the program begins with each child effectively digging themselves out of $30k of debt before learning to start, operate, market and sell in both product and service-based businesses. With sound streams of income, children then learn to diversify their portfolio and invest in real estate, stocks and/or private companies. All activities are age appropriate and fun! Sign up today and give your child a financial education they’ll enjoy!

Course #13122 May 31 – June 2 Wylie 1pm-4pm $85

Dodgeball & Agility Games! – This exhilarating camp takes fun and hard work to another level! Your child will work on agility, explosiveness, lateral movements, and speed all while playing over 10 different types of dodgeball and speed games. Dodgeballs are made of a soft and safe foam material. Signup today!

Course #13074 June 6 – June 10 Wylie 9am-12pm $135

Kid News- Channel FUN! – In this kid favorite children are introduced to broadcast journalism before putting on their very own broadcast! Camp time also addresses the importance of working together, time management and responsibility. Sign up today and get ready to see your child report the weather, sports, and more!

Course #13090 June 6 – June 10 Wylie 1pm-4pm $135

Flag Football & QB Skills! – This camp utilizes flag football to teach players standard football rules, throwing technique, drop-steps, field vision, formations, and other skills while participating in team competitions and games! Camp time will also focus on leadership, inner-confidence, attitude, speed, power, explosiveness, nutrition, exercise, and hard work. This camp is safe, educational, and FUN!

Course #13075 June 13 – June 17 Wylie 9am-12pm $135

Young Entrepreneur-YouTube! – This unique program introduces students of all skills sets to business and financial basics while building a group YouTube business. Students will learn to identify problems, find solutions, and create products before marketing and selling them through YouTube and other mediums. Join us today!

Course #13124 June 13 – June 17 Wylie 1pm-4pm $135

Spike Volleyball! – This camp introduces players to the rules and fundamentals of volleyball while playing exciting team games! Games include everything from “Meteorite Ball” and “Mellon Ball,” to “Top Notch” and “Under the Net!” Camp time also focuses on attacking the ball, setting, passing, defense, serving, blocking, self-motivation, discipline and FUN! Get ready for volleyball season now.

Course #13076 June 20 – June 24 Wylie 9am-12pm $135

Army Games &Dodgeball! – This exciting camp utilizes many different versions of dodgeball and capture the flag to teach children discipline, confidence, teamwork, and other crucial life skills so they can excel in all areas of life. Games include everything from “Mario Dodgeball” and “Pacman Dodgeball,” to “Special Ops” and “Battlefield Saturn” capture the flag! Games are age appropriate and played with dodgeballs made of a soft and safe foam material.

Course #13077 July 5 – July 8 Wylie 9am-12pm $109

Rookies Basketball FUN! – Your child will improve their shooting technique, dribbling skills, ball handling skills, passing skills, and their understanding of offensive and defensive movement while playing one-on-one and team games! Basic skills are broken down step by step so all children can thoroughly understand and improve their technique. Ages 4-7.

Course #13121 July 5 – July 8 Wylie 1pm-2:30pm $69

Explorer Course Survivor! – This exciting course will stimulate your child’s creative instincts and take their imagination across the globe! They’ll learn methods to overcome extreme weather, challenging terrain, wild animals, and unique scenarios to survive this wild course! Camp time addresses wildlife tracking, plant identification, navigation skills using a compass, basic first aid and safety techniques, and constructing makeshift shelters. All games and activities are safe and age appropriate.

Course #13098 August 8 – August 10 Wylie 9am-12pm $89


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