Below are the details for SSA summer camps being held in Prosper, Texas. Registration is done through the Prosper Recreation website so simply click the “Sign Up Now” button and scroll down to find Successful Students & Athletes. If you have any questions about registration, you can contact Prosper Recreation at 972-569-1064. For questions about the camps themselves please contact us at 214-495-1234.

Location: 407 E First St, Prosper TX 75078

Young Filmmakers! – Filmmakers is a highly creative camp where children work together to develop a storyline and script, then shoot and act in their own short movie or commercial.  Through this camp children not only learn about film production, but the significance of time management, responsibility and leadership while witnessing first-hand the importance of being able to communicate and speak confidently in front of a group. Sign up today so your child can learn the tools to succeed and express their creative side!

Note: Although children are introduced to the equipment and editing in this camp, this is not the emphasis of this camp.

Course TBD
June 17 – June 20 Prosper 1:30pm-4:30pm $120

Explorer Course & Survival Skills! – This exciting course will stimulate your child’s creative instincts and take their imagination across the globe!  They’ll learn methods to overcome extreme weather, challenging terrain, wild animals, and unique scenarios to survive this wild course! Camp time addresses wildlife tracking, plant identification, navigation skills using a compass, basic first aid and safety techniques, and constructing makeshift shelters. All games and activities are safe and age appropriate.

Course TBD
July 8 – July 11 Prosper 9am-12pm $120

Money Games! – This engaging financial program utilizes exciting hands-on activities and real world scenarios to teach children a pragmatic approach for building financial freedom. Designed by entrepreneurs, angel investors and new-age financial strategists, the program begins with each child effectively digging themselves out of $30k of debt before learning to start, operate, market and sell in both product and service-based businesses. With sound streams of income, children then learn to diversify their portfolio and invest in real estate, stocks and/or private companies. All activities are age appropriate and fun! Sign up today and give your child a financial education they’ll enjoy!

Course TBD
July 15 – July 18 Prosper 1:30pm-4:30pm $120

Kid News- Channel FUN! – In this kid favorite children are introduced to broadcast journalism before putting on their very own broadcast! Camp time also addresses the importance of working together, time management and responsibility. Sign up today and get ready to see your child report the weather, sports, and more!

Course TBD
July 22 – July 25 Prosper 1:30pm-4:30pm $120

Young Entrepreneur-YouTube! – This unique program introduces students of all skills sets to business and financial basics while building a group YouTube business. Students will learn to identify problems, find solutions, and create products before marketing and selling them through YouTube and other mediums. Join us today!

Course TBD
July 29 – Aug 1 Prosper 1:30pm-4:30pm $120