Below you will find our complete list of 2021 summer camps held at Frisco Recreation Center. Summer registration is done through the Frisco website and you will need the course code below the respective camp description to register. To visit the Frisco website, simply click “Sign Up Now.”

Hercules Olympic Challenge – Run, jump, throw and compete in ancient and modern sports like real Olympians! Games include everything from Gladiator Dodgeball, nerf javelin and frisbee discus, to tug of war, Dream Team Basketball and Pele Soccer. On the last day 3 individual medals will be given for “Most Improved Olympian,” “Hardest Working Olympian” and “Hercules Leader of Leaders.” This is a great camp full life lessons, honor and fun! Let the games begin.

May 24–27 Shawnee Trail $100 Course #50904 9am-12pm
July 19-22 FAC $100 Course #51571 9am-12pm

Sports Performance & Games – Your child will engage in skill building games that develop the athlete both physically and mentally. Program time focuses on hand-eye coordination, core strengthening, foot work, power, self-discipline, self-motivation, nutrition, exercise, and having fun! Games include everything from “Outerspace Speed” and “Special Ops,” to a “Steal the Bacon” tournament! This camp will also be teaching the rules, styles of play, and strategy of each sport that is played, and ways children can create their own on the drawing board!

June 1-4 Shawnee Trail $100 Course #51575 9am-12pm
July 5-8 FAC $100 Course #51576 1pm-4pm

Army Games & Dodgeball – This exciting camp utilizes many different versions of dodgeball and capture the flag to teach children discipline, confidence, teamwork, and other crucial life skills so they can excel in all areas of life. Games include everything from “Mario Dodgeball” and “Pacman Dodgeball,” to “Special Ops” and “Battlefield Saturn” capture the flag! Games are age appropriate and played with dodgeballs made of a soft and safe foam material.

June 1-4 FAC $100 Course #50896 1pm-4pm
August 2-5 Shawnee Trail $100 Course #51570 9am-12pm

Apocalypse Games & Survival Training – In this unique course children learn to survive and thrive in an apocalyptic and zombie infested world! This fun camp introduces children to everything from building shelters and securing them, to hunting/gathering food and navigating around dangerous zombie lands. All games and activities are fun, safe, educational and age appropriate. Please bring a snack, water bottle, sunscreen/bug spray, and backpack.

June 7-10 Phillips Park $115 Course #50900 9am-12pm
July 5-8 Phillips Park $115 Course #50901 9am-12pm

Dodgeball & Agility Games – This exhilarating camp takes fun and hard work to another level! Your child will work on agility, explosiveness, lateral movements, and speed all while playing over 10 different types of dodgeball and speed games. Dodgeballs are made of a soft and safe foam material.

June 14-17 FAC $100 Course #50897 1pm-4pm
July 12-15 Shawnee Trail $100 Course #50898 9am-12pm

Rookies Performance Skills & Games – This exciting camp utilizes soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and other sports to cross-train your child and help them discover their favorite sports while playing creative games! Camp time addresses the rules of each sport, sports technique, speed and proper footwork, hand-eye coordination, nutrition, exercise, and goal setting. Rookies Performance Skills & Games is a great fit for children ages 4-7.

June 21-24 Shawnee Trail $100 Course #50943 9am–11am
August 2-5 FAC $100 Course #50899 1pm-3pm

Flag Football & QB Skills – This camp utilizes flag football to teach players standard football rules, throwing technique, drop-steps, field vision, formations, and other skills while participating in team competitions and games! Camp time will also focus on leadership, inner-confidence, attitude, speed, power, explosiveness, nutrition, exercise, and hard work. This camp is safe, educational, and FUN!

June 28 – July 1 Warren Sports Complex #17 $100 Course #50902 9am–12am
July 26-29 Warren Sports Complex #17 $100 Course #50903 9am–12pm


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