SSA Soccer League

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SSA Soccer League!

In the SSA Soccer League children are divided into teams by age where before each game they practice proper kicking, dribbling, passing, shooting and other fundamentals of the sport. After a 30 minute practice, children take to the field for a 45 minutes game. SSA Sports Leagues stress healthy competition in a safe and fun environment.

SSA Soccer League - by Successful Child Atheletes USA

How to Register?

  1. Click the “Sign Up Now!” button.
  2. Complete the online registration and payment.
  3. 5-7 days before the opening day, you will receive an email with your coach’s name, team number, and 1st weeks schedule. Note: Children vote on their team name on opening day. After the first week, your child’s team name will replace their team number on the schedule.
  4. On opening day report to the game location at least 30 minutes before your scheduled practice to meet your team, coach, and start your first practice.
  5. Each week login to to view your team’s upcoming game schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions for your Help!

Where are the practices and games?

Soccer practices and games take place on the fields at Killian Middle School.

Note: Although Killian Middle School is the location for the soccer practices and games, they are not directly involved with the league. All questions should be directed towards SSA.

Who is my child’s coach?

In the SSA Sports Leagues, all coaches are parent volunteers! If you’re interested in becoming a coach and leading your team, please email us at and a representative will get back to you shortly.

What does my child need to bring?
  • Although parents will take turns bringing refreshments, children should bring water and a snack.
  • SSA does provide the equipment, but it is okay for your child to bring their own soccerball. If your child will be bringing their own equipment, please write his or her name on the equipment.
How long are practices and games?

75-100 minutes on Saturdays only.

How are the age groups divided?
  • Ages 6-8 are in “A Division.”
  • Ages 9-12 are in “B Division.”
What should my child wear?
Soccer: SSA Leagues provide each player with an official SSA jersey that your child gets to keep. Players may wear shorts or sweats of any type as long as they do not have pockets or belt loops. Children need to dress appropriately for outside weather.  As for footwear, rubber cleats or sneakers are appropriate.  Lastly, each player must wear shin guards covered by soccer socks during practice and games.
Will my child play in each game?

Yes, every child plays every game.

When is my turn to bring refreshments?
If you have a particular day you would like to bring refreshments, please email us at

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