How It Works- After-School Enrichment Program

1. Click “SIGN UP NOW!,” and fill out the registration and payment form.

2. Your child reports to the entrance of the school gym (not in the gym) for both sports camps and academic camps. If your child is in the school’s extended day program, please inform that program your child will be attending our camp and make sure to provide the proper information on our online registration form. If your child is attending from another school, please contact us so we can make sure your child gets to the right area.

3. The 1-hour and 15-minute camp takes place at the school listed on the flyer. The times, dates, location, and cost of the 5-week camp are also on your flyer. If you have misplaced this information, please call or email us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

4. At the camp’s end, your child is escorted to the front of the school for pickup or to the schools extended day program as specified on the registration form.

5. The camp takes place one day a week on a designated day for 5-weeks. As soon as one 5-week camp ends, another camp begins centered around a different sport and/or subject. We recommend that your child attends either a sports camp or academic enhancement camp every session as each camp introduces 5 new life lessons crucial to living a well-rounded and successful life.

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