Below are the details for SSA summer camps being held in Garland, Texas. Registration is done through the Garland Recreation website so simply click the “Sign Up Now” button and enter the camp name on Garland’s website to begin registration. If you have any questions about registration you can contact Garland Recreation at 972-205-3991. For questions about the camps themselves please contact us at 214-495-1234

Location: 342 W Oates Rd. Garland, TX 75043

Young Entrepreneur! – This unique camp introduces children of all skills sets to business and financial basics in an interactive and exciting environment! Your child will learn to identify problems, find solutions, and create products before marketing and selling them through various mediums. Camp time also focuses on money management, taxes, working with people and so much more. Join us and watch your child’s entrepreneurial spirit come to life!

Course # N/A June 12 – June 16 Garland 9am-12pm $115

Flag Football & QB Skills! – This camp utilizes flag football to teach players standard football rules, throwing technique, drop-steps, field vision, formations, and other skills while participating in team competitions and games! Camp time also focuses on leadership, inner-confidence, attitude, speed, power, explosiveness, nutrition, exercise, and hard work. This camp is safe, educational, and FUN!

Course # N/A June 26 – June 30 Garland 9am-12pm $115

Ninja Warrior & Dodgeball– Children in this exciting camp encounter various Ninja Warrior inspired obstacles and challenges before jumping into some of their favorite dodgeball games! Camp time focuses on improving agility, strength, balance and flexibility. Sign up today and get your young ninja running, leaping and climbing on this new adventure!

Course # N/A July 3 – July 7 (no Tuesday) Garland 9am-12pm $115

Volleyball Skills & Games! – This exciting skill building camp introduces players to the rules and fundamentals of volleyball while playing exciting games! Games include everything from “Meteorite Ball” and “Mellon Ball” to “Top Notch” and “Under the Net!” Camp time also focuses on attacking the ball, setting, passing, defense, serving, blocking, self-motivation, and work ethic while teaching health principles and the first 5 lessons of the SSA Core Life Skills Curriculum: “Anything is Possible,” “Dream Life,” “The Vehicle,” “ Pay the Price,” and “Be a Pro.” Sign up today to get ready for volleyball season now!

Course # N/A July 3 – July 7 (no Tuesday) Garland 1pm-4pm $115

Basketball Skills & Games- In this kid favorite your child will work to improve their shooting technique, dribbling skills, ball handling skills, passing skills and their understanding of offensive and defensive movement while improving their overall health and fitness. Basic and advanced skills are broken down step by step so all ages can thoroughly understand and improve their technique.

Course # N/A July 10 – July 14 Garland 1pm-4pm $115