Afterschool Camps FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Where are the afterschool camps held? +

Afterschool camps are held at your child’s school. At no time do children leave school property.

Q- What does my child need to bring to camp? +

SSA provides all the equipment and supplies for camp, so the only thing your child may want to bring to camp is something to drink, which is optional.

Q- What does my child wear to camp? +

Children attending our sports camps will want to wear comfortable clothes. Everyday clothing is suitable for children attending our academic camps. Some camps are outside, so make sure your child is dressed for the weather.

Q- What kind of shoes does my child wear? +

Regular athletic shoes are preferred for our sports camps. Children are not to wear cleats in afterschool camps regardless of whether it is standard attire for the sport.

Q- Can I watch the afterschool camp? +

Yes, however, so children can get the most from the program we do ask that parents not stay the entire time so instructors can have the child’s undivided attention.

Q- Will my child be okay to participate if he/she is new to sports and/or the subject? +

Yes, our curriculum and instructors work great with all ages and skill levels.

Q- Are camps divided by age group? +

Children are divided and/or partnered with children of their age during competition based games or drills. In some cases, during non-competition games and/or drills, children are not divided by age group to make for a better activity.

Q- Can we get a refund if my child misses a day of camp? +

If you know at the time of registration that your child will not be able to make it to a day of camp, we can prorate the cost. If your child misses a day of camp due to personal reasons or an unforeseen schedule conflict, we cannot issue a refund. However, in this case we can issue you a credit for the next camp.

Q- Is my child’s instructor qualified? +

Yes, SSA takes the safety of every child very seriously, so please know that all SSA coaches and instructors have approved background checks through the state and FBI. In addition, SSA instructors and coaches have 3+ years of experience working with children, are CPR certified, attend ongoing training, and have been thoroughly trained in youth development, SSA life coaching, and the subject in which they are teaching/coaching.

Q- Does my child have to do the take home work? +

No, the take home work is not required but definitely recommended. Children who take full advantage of the program have proven to produce greater results.

Q- Can my child bring a snack to the afterschool camp? +

Yes, but if your child brings a snack to the afterschool camp they must eat before getting to camp due to the school’s gym rules.