Below you will find a list of camps in Frisco. To register, please write down (or copy/paste) the course code in parenthesis and click here.
  • Classic Sports & Dodgeball FUN! (ages 6-12)

    This exciting camp utilizes dodgeball, soccer, and basketball to cross-train children of all skill levels while teaching them how to succeed on and off the field! Games include everything from “Star Wars” and “Dungeon” dodgeball to “Ultimate Basketball” and “Around the World Soccer!” Program time focuses on fun, self-awareness, self-motivation, work ethic, agility, hand-eye coordination, proper nutrition, and proper exercise . Dodgeballs are made of a soft and safe foam material.

    Price: $99

    June 12th- June 15th 1p-4p (38992)
    July 17th- July 20th 1p-4p (38993)

  • Flag Football & QB Skills! (ages 6-12)

    This camp utilizes flag football to teach players standard football rules, throwing technique, drop-steps, field vision, formations, and other skills while participating in team competitions and games! Camp time will also focus on leadership, inner-confidence, attitude, speed, power, explosiveness, nutrition, exercise, and hard work. This camp is safe, educational, and FUN

    Price: $99

    June 5th- June 8th 9a-12p (38990)
    July 24th- July 27th 9a-12p (38991)

  • Apocalypse Games & Survival Training! (ages 6-12)

    This exciting course will stimulate your child’s creative instincts and take their imagination across the globe! Camp time addresses wildlife tracking, plant identification, navigation skills using a compass, basic first aid and safety techniques, and constructing makeshift shelters. All games and activities are safe and age appropriate.
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    Price: $99

    June 12th- June 15th 9a-12p (39001)
    July 17th- July 20th 9a-12p (39002)

  • Ignite! (ages 6-12)

    In this one of a kind program children engage in exciting mental and physical activities to get their mind and body prepared to head back to school feeling their best! Math, science, reading and critical thinking activities combined with sports and unique games designed to get the body moving and heart rate up is exactly what every child needs before school begins. Sign up today and start the school year off right!
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    Price: $115

    August 14th- August 17thth 1p-4p (38438)

  • Army Games & Dodgeball! (ages 6-12)

    This exciting camp utilizes many different versions of dodgeball and capture the flag to teach your child discipline, confidence, teamwork, and other crucial life skills, so they can excel in all areas of life! Games include everything from “Mario Dodgeball” and “Zelda Dodgeball” to “Special Ops” and “Battlefield Saturn” capture the flag! Games are age appropriate and played with dodgeballs made of a soft and safe foam material.
    Price: $99

    August 14th- August 17thth 1p-4p (38998)

  • Rookies Performance Skills & Games! (ages 4-7)

    This exciting camp utilizes soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and other sports to cross-train your child and help them discover their favorite sports while playing creative games! Camp time addresses the rules of each sport, sports technique, speed and proper footwork, hand-eye coordination, nutrition, exercise, and goal setting! Rookies Performance Skills & Games is a great fit for children ages 4-7.

    Price: $99

    June 5th- June 8th 1p-4p (38996)
    July 3rd,5th,6th, & 7th 9a-12p (38997)

  • Go-Go Gadget! (ages 6-12)

    In this hands-on camp children use creativity and critical thinking to develop an understanding of simple educational designs before progressing to more complex level gadgetry and electronics.   Activities include everything from paper and clay electrical projects, to magnetic driven cars and exciting electrical boards. Sign up today! Ages 6-12.

    Price: $99

    July 17th- July 20th 1p-4p (38437)

  • Total Sports and Games! (ages 6-12)

    This exhilarating camp takes fun and hard work to another level! Your child will work on agility, explosiveness, lateral movements, and speed all while playing over 10 different types of dodgeball and speed games! Dodgeballs are made of a soft and safe foam material.
    Dodgeballs are made of a soft and safe foam material.

    Price: $99

    July 3rd,5th,6th, & 7th 1p-4p(38994)
    August 14th- August 17thth 9a-12p (38995)