Elite Performance Program

Elite Performance is a results oriented program designed to improve the overall athleticism of an athlete during early adolescence (ages 11-14). The programs physical focus is on core strength, direction speed, acceleration, vertical jump, top-end speed, running form, and hand-eye coordination. In addition, this program works to increase flexibility through a series of dynamic, ballistic and static stretching to help prevent future injury and further develop proper running form. The programs mental focus is on self-discipline, work ethic, overcoming obstacles, self-talk and building self-esteem. The end goal of Elite Performance is to develop the complete athlete both mentally and physically so they can excel at the next level in the sport(s) they choose.

Elite Performance is a 1.5 hour program scheduled conveniently on Saturday mornings.

Athletes progress is tracked through:

  • 10 yard (Acceleration)
  • 40 yard dash (Top-end Speed)
  • 5-10-5 (Agility)
  • Figure 8 (Angular Acceleration)


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