The Colony Summer Camps

The Colony Summer Camps for Kids!

The Colony Recreation Center

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The Colony Summer Camps for Kids!

How to Register?

  1. To register, begin by writing down the SSA camp code(s) located in parenthesis.
  2. Next, Email to get a username and password.
  3. Click to login to your account.
  4. Enter the SSA camp code into the “Activity Number Search.”
  5. Add the SSA camp to your cart and submit payment.

For more information about the Successful Students and Athletes Program, call (214)-495-1234.

Explorer Course Survivor! (ages 6-12)

Explorer Course Survivor! (ages 6-12)

This exciting course will stimulate your child’s creative instincts and take their imagination across the globe!  They’ll learn to overcome extreme weather, challenging terrain, wild animals, and unique scenarios to survive this wild course! Camp time addresses wildlife tracking, plant identification, navigation skills, basic first aid and safety techniques, and constructing makeshift shelters. All games and activities are safe and age appropriate. $99

  • June 20th– June 23rd 9a-12p

Crazy Science! (ages 6-12)

This exciting camp teaches children to observe, plan, overcome obstacles, and develop hypotheses while participating in hands-on science experiments and activities! Newton’s Laws of Motion, Archimedes’ Principle, genetics, forensics, and examining environmental issues and their impact are all a part of a crazy day in Crazy Science! $99

  • July 11th– July 14th 9a-12p

MVP Performance Skills(ages 6-12)

This exciting skill building camp is geared toward improving your child’s motor skills, agility, strength and overall sports skills through different basketball, soccer, dodgeball and agility games!  In addition, this unique camp teaches health principles and the 10 lessons of the SSA Core Life Skills Curriculum: “Anything is Possible,” “Dream Life,” “Find Your Fire,” “Be a Pro,” “Jump” and more. Join us every Friday and take your game to the next level! $99

  • July 25th– July 28th 1p-4p

Drill Team & Hip Hop Dance! (ages 6-12)

Your child will have a blast while learning mainstream hip hop dance moves with drill team choreography! The moves are broken down into easy-to-follow steps so all ages learn and improve. Camp time also addresses the importance of a positive attitude, exercise, nutrition and having a strong work ethic. $99

  • Aug 1st – Aug 4th 1p-4p

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