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SSA Afterschool Enrichment is a convenient way for children to learn about their favorite sports and academics after school has let out for the day. These camps run one to two times a week, right after school, at your child's school, and for roughly 1 hour each session.

Camp Success

This unique extended afterschool program allows children to work with our coaches and teachers in efforts to improve their sports skills and overall academic studies while learning crucial life and career skills. This program runs Monday-Friday from 2:50pm until 6:30pm.

Summer Camps

SSA Summer Camps are a great way to keep your child active and learning after the last school bell of the year has rung. We have the largest selection of sports and academic camps available today with half-day and all-day programs available for your convenience.

Sports Leagues

At SSA we believe in healthy competition and for this reason we offer a variety of sports leagues. Everything from basketball, soccer and flag football, to volleyball, cheerleading and even dodgeball. Children can join a team, or parents can register their own team.

About the Program

At SSA, we feel it is important that you know we are a complete youth development program centered around sports, technology, mathematics, science, engineering, entrepreneurship, the great outdoors, health and more. Our curriculum based program utilizes many different types of activities to increase the child’s knowledge of the subject at hand, improve the child’s mental and physical health, and teach them life lessons that will put them on the road to success in all areas of their life. The SSA curriculum and teaching method make sure each child leaves with the intended skills and for over a decade children have been proving the SSA Program works!

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The success of the SSA Program is the result of many people coming together with the common goal of helping prepare the next generation for a brighter future. For this reason, we love when parents, businesses and caring individuals in the community want to get involved.

Whether you’re looking to join the SSA family and open your own branch, become an instructor or simply volunteer, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call today.